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???????release date???????

So i saw cidade de deus in 2002 for the film festival and i have been waiting for it to come out on DVD ever since (on account of its the best movie EVER) and it was suppose to come out several times since finally the date was set for feb 14th or 17th and when the time came, the changed it again, now its due to be out on jun 8th, but i'm still skeptical about the whole thing because of all the changes so far. I have heard rumors that they are having trouble getting it approved for the USA, its been out for a while in the UK. If anyone knows anything on this matter please let me know, i would appreciate it immensely.
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omg a member of my community. i must congratulate you

ah yeah i was looking at, not realising it wasnt and saw it wasnt released until june, wtf is up with that hm. yeah it's been out in the UK since september last year i think. have you looked at sites that could ship it for you? if its a british site, the dvds prob expensive. theyre always expensive here. surely becaus of the oscar nominations they'd push it to be sooner? good luck
the dvd would be region encoded and you would need a region encoded dvd player. i almost did that for 28 days later.. before i knew.
i think the reason the release date got pushed back was because it was up for the oscars (and got robbed)