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Don't know if it's available outside of Brasil, but after the movie Cidade de Deus was launched here there was a spinoff TV series called Cidade dos Homens (City of Men) that involved the characters Acerola and Laranjinha who enacted the parts of Dadinho and File com Fritas the "terrible two" it also features Alexandre Rodrigues, Jonathan and Felipe Haagensen, Roberta Rodrigues and a lot of the others. Well it is a series set in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro but it gives you a more realistic view of what it is like to live in the communities (Cidade de Deus is a pretty shit representation hehe) But yeh I was just wondering if anyone outside of here has heard about it and if not look it up... it kicks ass.

And I'd also like to notify the people that commented on my other entry, we have raised the R$15,000 needed to set up our community radio station in Cidade de Deus, we have the station 101,9 and my show is every saturday at 13:00. Yey!
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